Why Buying Car Insurance Online Is The Answer For Women

By Katrina Eadie

With modern life being as it is, every lady’s life is packed full to the brim with juggling work, home and play. It seems that more hours of our days are being taken up with our jobs, chores around the home and other responsibilities. As a result, we end up having very little time to unwind with our friends and family and enjoy some time out from the rush.

However, there is one major development that can make our lives easier and help us to reclaim some of the time we’ve spent on the not-so-fun activities: the internet. This marvellous technological advancement has revolutionised many aspects of everyday living, from doing the weekly shop to buying car insurance.

Ah yes, car insurance. The majority of ladies use a car to get about and those who do are required by law to purchase a motor insurance policy once a year. In years gone by, busy women would have had to spend hours ringing around the car insurance companies who had done multi-million pound TV advertising campaigns to get their name out there.

Now, ladies can just type “car insurance for women” into Google or one of the other search engines and they will be presented with loads of companies offering cheap car insurance quotes for ladies. There are even some websites which offer women car insurance price comparisons so details need to be input just once in order to find the best deal.

It is so much less frustrating for women to search for the cheapest car insurance deal online than over the phone. There is no annoying hold music, no more repeating details over and over again on the phone to bored call centre staff and, if that isn’t enough of a bonus, online car insurance quotes are often substantially cheaper.

The reason for this price difference is that web-based motor insurance companies generally have lower running costs than those who have to shell out for hundreds of call centre staff and pass much of these savings along to their customers. Also, advertising car insurance online is much cheaper than through offline media such as TV, radio and magazines. As a result, ladies are often offered 10% discounts for purchasing a car insurance policy online rather than over the phone.

Another factor which has also brought down the cost of car insurance for women is the fact that the last few years have also seen an emergence of companies which only provide insurance for female drivers.

The reason these firms choose to offer women’s car insurance and turn down men’s business is that ladies are proven to be a lower insurance risk and make cheaper claims on their policies. If a motor insurance company doesn’t insure men, it doesn’t have to make such costly payouts and it can then afford to provide cheaper car insurance for women.

A further advantage for ladies who get car insurance online is that it can be done at any time of the day whereas call centres usually have limited opening hours. This means that you can chase down women’s car insurance quotes on the net whenever you have a spare few minutes, whether in the morning before heading off to work or while you are waiting for a late night snack to finish cooking.

So, the next time your women’s car insurance is up for renewal, flick on your computer and have a quick scour around the internet. You are bound to find it is a quicker, cheaper and much less exasperating experience than using the phone, leaving you with more time, more patience and more money for getting on with life.

About the author:

Katrina Eadie – CoverGirl Car Inurance UK car insurance services for women


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